Frequently Asked Questions



Question: How much of the blue light from digital screens do these block?
Answer: BlueBlock™ Kids blue light blocking glasses block up to 75% of blue light from device screens.

Question: Lots of devices have a setting to filter blue light. Why does my child need these glasses?
Answer:  Great question! While the settings on devices do reduce some blue light, most of the blue light is still shown. That's where BlueBlock™ Kids comes in!

Do eye doctors recommend blue light blocking glasses?
AnswerEye doctors often recommend computer glasses to patients whose intermediate distance vision is becoming less clear, or if screen usage results in eye strain and headaches. While there is limited clinical evidence for computer glasses resolving eye issues, many people report improvement with computer glasses.

Question: Are they comfortable for kids?
Answer: Yes! Our customers have been saying repeatedly that their kids actually like wearing their BlueBlock™ Kids glasses, even the kids who have never worn glasses before. They are made to withstand any kind of rough-housing with high-grade flexible frames and are lightweight and extremely safe for active children and toddlers.

Question: Why do the lenses have a slight yellow tint?
Answer: The BlueBlock™ Kids blue light blocking glasses have a noticeable yellow or amber tint on the lenses that block out damaging light. But because these lenses block out blue light, they slightly change the color of what your child sees on the screen, casting everything in a slight yellow tint.

Question: What age kids will they fit?
Answer: Our glasses will typically fit kids ages 3-10! But we have had customers put them on kids older than 10 and even younger than 3.

Question: Where are your glasses made?
We are owned and operated in the United States in Virginia Beach, Virginia :) And our BlueBlock™ Kids blue light blocking glasses are are made with our manufacturing partners in China.

Question: What are your shipping times?
Answer: Our shipping times, including all holiday delays, are: USA: 5-10 days, Canada: 8-14 days, Australia: 8-13 days, New Zealand: 7-14 days, & United Kingdom: 7-14 days (Please allow 1-3 days for quality inspection). You can track your order the entire way right on our website :)