Who Are We?

Chris and I are long term friends and business partners and we started BlueBlock Kids during the pandemic when we noticed a massive rise in screen time in both kids and adults. With the introduction of virtual schooling and increased time at home, screen time kept rising. We are big believers in kids getting outside and playing away from screens, but stopping them from using their devices altogether is not a viable solution in today's virtual world. 

Blue light blocking glasses have been used more and more in the last few years, And while there are hundreds of companies that sell blue light blocking glasses for adults, almost no one provides them for kids. Kids arguably need protection from screens more than adults do because their eyes are more sensitive since they are not yet fully developed. Excess blue light from screens, especially around bedtime, can cause disruptions to circadian rhythm and we all know how critical sleep is for our little ones.

Since nobody was offering blue light blocking glasses for kids, we decided to provide them ourselves. So out of Virginia Beach, VA, in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, BlueBlock Kids was born. Since then we have provided blue light blocking glasses to thousands of people around the world. And our mission is to help get a pair of blue light blocking glasses to every child in America.

We Believe In Meaningful Change

Giving back is big for us and for years, we have personally donated meals and volunteered our time to help people that otherwise can't afford it. Chris and I have personally donated over 4,000 meals but we can only do so much ourselves. This is why we donate 10 meals to the people who need it most, for every pair of BlueBlock Kids glasses sold. 

BlueBlock Kids has a philosophy we run our company by: we believe in meaningful change. If we can profit and give back at the same time, that's where we want to be. The more glasses we sell, the more we donate, with absolutely no caps on donations.As we grow, our giving and community efforts will continue to grow right alongside us.One Pair Purchased = Ten Meals Donated.

Thank you so much for reading this, we are so happy you're here.

Brandon D'Ambrosio
co-founder | BlueBlock Kids