Affiliate Information

We get so many referrals that help us gain new members of the BlueBlock™ family (maybe you’ve referred someone yourself!)

And we want to reward anyone who wants to refer any of their friends or family to join the BlueBlock Kids family by making a purchase with us, and pay you for it.

To keep it as simple as possible, we want to offer you the ability to earn money for every new member you bring into the BlueBlock™ Kids family.

If you'd like to become a BlueBlock Kids affiliate and get paid to promote or share our wonderful products so we can help more people, follow the instructions below and we can have you set up as a BlueBlock Kids affiliate within a few days, but as little as a few hours.


Here’s how it works (it’s so simple and easy):

  1. We will give you an exclusive link. The link gives people an exclusive discount they can only get from you, which is an additional discount on top of any current sale we are doing
  2. You share it to your friends, your family, and on Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media
  3. When someone buys any BlueBlock™ Kids, Teen, or Adult glasses using your link (which will give them a discount, so it’s a no brainer for them), you get paid!
  4. The more customers you refer to us to get their BlueBlock™ glasses, the more money you make, and the more lives you help impact for the better along the way!


All you have to do is refer people to our website, and we will take care of the rest. It’s really that simple!


If this sounds like something you’re interested in, send us an email to with subject line "Affiliate Signup", and we will get you all set up :)


We have not only ensured that our blue light blocking glasses are the best on the market (I’m wearing my adult ones now as I write this to you!), but we have spent almost a year now optimizing our website so it has the highest conversion rate possible to ensure the maximum amount of money for you to earn!

Talk to you soon,

- Brandon D’Ambrosio

Co-founder | BlueBlock™ Kids

P.S. In addition to having the opportunity to become a BlueBlock Kids partner and make money simply referring people to our website, we will also give you exclusive discounts to use for yourself as soon as you make your first referral sale!