Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

Kids' Screen Time Tripled Since 2020

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Kids' eyes are glued to their devices all day long. With virtual schooling and all the entertaining apps and games available, increased screen time for kids has become the new normal. Blue light is known to disrupt sleep patterns and according to the American Optometric Association, excess screen time can cause symptoms such as dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches.

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Help Protect Your Kids From The Effects Of Screen Time

Blue Light Can Have Negative Effects

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Our Specifically-Crafted Lenses Reflect Blue Light Rays

Join Thousands Of Families That Use BlueBlock™ Kids

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What Our Customers Our Saying

My daughter does a lot of computer work in school and she is not used to electronics so she gets headaches. These have drastically helped her to not get those headaches and complete her school work!

Cindy Roberts

Had bought these for my nephew and he instantly threw them on, he had been getting irritated red eyes while playing games/watching videos on the tablet for longer periods of times. But with these he didn't feel any strain after a while and felt comfortable with them on, they are super flexible and more durable than I had anticipated. He actually fell asleep still wearing them.

Savannah Carter

Great price for this item! My son gets frequent migraines for all sorts of reasons and 1 is gaming but since we bought these the migraines have been cut in half if not less. The blue frames look cute on him.

Shane Foster

My 5-year-old fell in love with her glasses instantly. I'm extremely happy I bought her this pair. She is a very active child and the glasses are strong and durable. I'd strongly recommend these to other parents.

Elijah Adams

My son doesnt ever put anything away, so I find these glasses on the floor by his gaming chair regularly (translation...I've stepped on them). They're durable, effective, and super cute. He was actually excited to wear them. Great for protecting kids from too much screen time and (in our case) for preventing media-induced seizures. As the parent to a 9 yr old who loves gaming and suffers from epilepsy, I couldn't have asked for a better value to help my son do what he loves while lowering his seizure risk.

Julia Cook