Giving Back

1 Pair Purchased = 10 Meals Donated

One Pair Purchased = Ten Meals Donated

For years, we have personally donated meals and volunteered our time to help people that otherwise can't afford it. But we can only do so much ourselves, which is why we are donating 10 meals for every pair of BlueBlock Kids glasses sold. Each pair you purchase provides 10 meals for people who need it

3,000 Meals Donated So Far

See The Proof

We provide real proof of our donations, so you can feel confident that your purchase will actually provide 10 meals for people who need it. See emails below from a company we have donated meals to with confirmation of our donations so far.

How Can You Help?

For every pair of BluBlock Kids blue light blocking glasses we sell, we donate 10 meals to people who are facing food insecurity. If you'd like to help donate meals, click the "SHOP' link at the top menu and get your pair of blue light blocking glasses today and help provide 10 meals today!